Border Art: Alfred J. Quiroz

Quiroz's stainless steel installation on the Nogales, Sonora Border fence

Alfred J. Quiroz, a University of Arizona professor, is a large advocate and artist for Latin and Mexican issues.  He has multiple works located on the border fence to spark discussion of the border wall.

Aside from his work on the border wall, Quiroz is also known for his paintings.  The Latino Art Community published a story with Quiroz analyzing and explaining the meaning behind his paintings.  Check that out here!

Quiroz discusses in his Latino Art Community story how important it is to raise questions about his own culture, here as a Latino man in America, and the culture of his family.  He analyzes popular images in the Latino culture like The Lady of Guadalupe.  It is important to have these kinds of artists to play a “devil’s advocate” with the symbols associated with both the Latino and American cultures.

Another project Quiroz oversaw was bringing Border Dynamics to the University of Arizona, with help from former president of the University Peter Likins.  The project was moved to the University of Arizona from the Nogales border in 2002 and resides on campus in front of the Harvill Building.

Quiroz has and continues to make an impact in the art community through his installations on the Nogales border wall and his mixed media paintings.  I look forward to seeing what else he contributes to the art world!

Check out this video as Quiroz discusses his latest project Parade of Humanity: Border Milagros

Panoramic look at Quiroz's latest work "Parade of Humanity: Border Milagros", photo courtesy of Alfred J. Quiroz

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